Our History

La Familia Medical Center (LFMC) began as a small neighborhood clinic located at a site near Hickcox Street and St. Francis Drive.

In 1972, using Model Cities funds, the City of Santa Fe built a facility for a day care center and a clinic – La Familia Medical Center.

In 1984 a National Health Service Corps grant provided a family practice physician and a dentist, previously provided to the defunct La Clinica de la Gente that was located in the Village of Agua Fria.

In 1987 LFMC first began receiving federal financial support under Section 330 of the Public Health Act, Department of Health and Human Services.

In 1995 LFMC moved into a new 19,000 square foot medical and dental facility. This building, three times the size of the former clinic, allowed for expansion of medical, dental, and health education outreach services to the community. The building was paid for by a combination of federal, state and city funds, and donations from the community. The city retains ownership of the building.

In 2000 LFMC opened the Southside Clinic, a 9,000 square foot facility, owned by the county. Its location was determined by the large number of residents living in that area of the county in need of subsidized medical and dental care.

In 2002 LFMC started Health Care for the Homeless project to provide medical, dental, and referral services to the homeless population in Santa Fe.

In 2005 LFMC expanded the Alto Street Clinic by an additional 3,000 square feet to provide additional exam rooms, an enlarged Health Education Department, and a new administrative space.

In 2009 LFMC provided medical and dental services to over 20,000 patients.

In 2011 LFMC opened a new Dental Center at Santa Fe Community College. This 20 chair dental facility will be the largest dental practice and dental training program in the state of New Mexico.

LFMC receives funding support from the Health and Human Services Department, the City of Santa Fe, the Santa Fe County Indigent Fund, the Santa Fe County Maternal and Child Health Program, the New Mexico Department of Health, numerous foundations, and contributions from the Santa Fe community.