Are you pregnant and struggling with addiction?

There is help for you and your baby.

 How can I take care of myself and my growing baby while I am pregnant?

There is help for you right here in Santa Fe, at La Familia Medical Center. And it is not too late to get it.

Prenatal care and treatment for your dependence are important for both you and your baby while you are pregnant. With special care and support, you will be healthy and your baby will be, too.

Substance-using pregnant women, like all pregnant women, need information and resources to make good decisions about their bodies and lives. With attention and treatment, you can take care of yourself and your growing baby.

Where can I get help?

La Familia Medical Center offers personalized care, treatment and counseling to pregnant women who have a dependence on heroin or prescription painkillers such as OxyContin. We offer non–judgmental support for you and your growing family. A Care Coordinator will meet with you to address your specific concerns and challenges and help you overcome them. Family Physicians and Nurse Midwives provide comprehensive prenatal, delivery and postnatal care as well as pediatric care for your newborn. Together with your counselor, you will create a plan to help you deal with the physical, emotional and social challenges you are facing. Group sessions with other pregnant moms dealing with the same challenges also offer support. All of these services are offered within La Familia clinics and are completely confidential.

La Familia Medical Center has been successfully working with pregnant women struggling with addiction to make sure both mom and baby are healthy and ready to thrive.

What is Suboxone? And should I use it during my pregnancy?

Suboxone is a drug available from a doctor’s office for use in the treatment of opioid dependence.

Taking suboxone under the supervision of a doctor treats the physical symptoms of narcotic and heroin addiction so you can concentrate on working with your counselor on your recovery.

Suboxone has been used for over 10 years in the US and Europe to treat addiction in pregnancy and it has been shown to be safe and effective. Using Suboxone consistently during pregnancy is far safer for your baby than exposure to heroin or narcotics. Treating pregnant women who are struggling with addiction with suboxone can be one very effective tool to help both mothers and babies in a safe and effective way. Whether you should use suboxone during pregnancy is a question for you and your doctor to discuss.

What other services are available at La Familia?

La Familia providers care for you and your whole family. In addition to prenatal, delivery, post-partum and pediatric care, we also offer medical care for adults and children, immunizations, urgent care, preventive services, family planning, a confidential teen clinic and geriatric care. We also provide dental, behavioral health and wellness and health education services.

Who can get care at La Familia?

Anyone can get medical, dental and behavioral health care at La Familia regardless of their ability to pay or insurance status or citizenship status. At La Familia Medical Center we will work with you to find programs and insurance to cover your medical costs. We will never deny care based on your ability to pay. La Familia also has many Spanish-speaking providers and translation service for other languages.

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