Congratulations to La Familia’s Dental Clinic for its accreditation for the Dental Residency Program. La Familia has had a contract with the Dental program at NYU-Langone Medical Center since 2011 and the Council on Dental Accreditation (CODA) came out to assess La Familia’s  dental program in late April. La Familia Dental Clinic received a seven year accreditation and is authorized to host up to two dental residents at a time.

Congratulations to Dr. Natalie Starkle, DDS who is the first NYU/Langone Advanced Education in General Dentistry Resident in the State of New Mexico practicing under the supervision of La Familia’s  Dental Clinic. Dental Director, Dale Jenkins said of Dr. Starkle, “La Familia is fortunate to have an NYU-Langone dental resident for our patients.  She has provided patient focused care in operatory and comprehensive oral health care, including direct health promotion and disease prevention using advanced dental treatment.”