La Familia Health launches CEO Search

La Familia Health has launched a nationwide search for a new Chief Executive Officer. After nearly a decade at the helm with much success, current La Familia Health CEO Jay Jolly, has announced he will be leaving the organization in December 2022.

In her letter to LFH staff, Deborah Weiss, LFH Board Chair, writes,  “On behalf of the Board of Directors,  I wish to express our sincere appreciation for Jay’s significant contributions to LFH over his tenure as CEO.   Jay has led La Familia through a very challenging time, and we are extremely grateful for his hard work and dedication to our on-going mission.  This has been a tumultuous three years and we are looking for stability and a leader that builds on Jay’s strengths, stewardship and trust to lead the current management, providers and staff.”

During Jay’s tenure as CEO, La Familia has grown from a $12 million organization with 150 staff to an $18 million organization with 184 employees. More importantly under Jay’s leadership, the number of patients grew to 18,055 individuals in 2019, equal to 1 in 8 individuals in Santa Fe County, before the COVID pandemic disrupted operations.

La Familia is looking for a dynamic leader to continue moving the organization forward in patient care, customer satisfaction and financial goals. A talented Leadership Team reports to, and supports this position providing great service to current and future patients.   For more information and job description, please visit our career page.