La Familia Medical Center comments regarding the temporary pause in distribution of the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine by CDC and FDA:

La Familia Medical Center is following the New Mexico Department of Health’s order to pause distribution of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine as the CDC and FDA review data regarding very rare side effects of blood clots.

The CDC and FDA have requested the temporary pause out of an abundance of caution. The rare condition affected 6 women, ages 18-48 and occurred within a 6-21 day time period of being vaccinated. Symptoms include headache, abdominal pain, leg pain and shortness of breath. With more than 7 million doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine dispensed nationwide, the 6 cases represent less than 1 case for every million doses given.

Of the more than 4,400 doses of vaccine administered by La Familia Medical Center, only 347 doses were manufactured by Johnson and Johnson. All 347 Johnson and Johnson vaccine doses were administered at least 3 weeks ago and are outside the observed timeframe for these side effects. La Familia Medical Center Staff are communicating with patients and community partner organizations where these vaccines were administered.

There have been no cases of blood clotting identified with the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.

La Familia Medical Center wants all patients and their families vaccinated at our Alto and Southside clinic locations to know that they are receiving the two dose Moderna Vaccine. All LFMC patients who are scheduled to be vaccinated will receive the Moderna vaccine.

Please feel free to contact your medical provider if you have any questions. 505.982-4425