Healthy Children’s Initiative

La Familia Medical Center’s Healthy Children’s Initiative provides comprehensive health/dental subsidized care for children from inception through their formative years. This includes:

  • Prenatal care and education
  • Dental care for expectant mother
  • Follow-up after delivery
  • Well child medical visits
  • Immunizations
  • Children’s dental program
  • Reach Out and Read Program
  • Car Safety Seat Program

LFMC’s ‘Healthy Children’s Initiative’ is unique because it focuses on a variety of areas that significantly improve the health and welfare of Santa Fe County’s children who do not have the financial means to receive consistent quality care elsewhere. Even before a child is born, LFMC’s OB-GYN staff works with the parents, including having them attend prenatal classes in preparation of the birth of their child. LFMC provides to expectant mothers education and services they need to ensure a healthy delivery and baby. LFMC’s prenatal program continues to provide case management services throughout a woman’s pregnancy, birthing classes, labor support during delivery, breastfeeding support which includes breastfeeding pumps, access to car safety seats and post-partum hospital visits.