Brendan Vahey


Dr. Brendan R. Vahey graduated from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry class of 2014. Currently, he is finishing a Post-Doctoral Masters Thesis in Dental Implants from the Federal University of Santa Catarina Florianopolis, Brazil. Throughout his career he has worked in community clinics spanning the globe including: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Colorado, and throughout Southern California. As an established community medical and dental provider in the Four Corners region, La Familia has been on my professional radar for a few years now. I am truly thankful to join the La Familia medical and dental practitioner staff. Using La Familia integrated medical and dental team, I will strive to serve patients from all walks of life with honesty, compassion, and optimism. In his free-time Dr. Vahey bike commutes to and from the dental clinic, loves nearly all outdoors sports, and dreams about surfing.