Maya Armstrong


Family practitioners are my people, because I am an advocate at heart. Throughout my life, the focus of my advocacy has alternated between the natural environment and the humans who inhabit it. To be truly healthy, we must take care of both. I am a strong believer in universal healthcare, but I know that not even that is sufficient to keep people healthy. As a family physicians, we are in an incredible position of being able to help our patients identify barriers to health and to partner with community groups and organizations to overcome those barriers (for inspiration, I look to the amazing work of Health Leads). The thought of being the family physician for whole families makes me so happy! I love the idea of bringing babies into the world while helping my oldest patients’ transition out of it. Some of my specific interests within family medicine include pain and addiction management and integrative medicine, and I am particularly interested in working with underserved populations, including Native American communities. The cultural diversity, strong clinical training, and opportunities to work in rural communities is what lead me to choose the 1+2 program at UNM and Northern New Mexico (Santa Fe).