Healthy Children’s Initiative

La Familia’s Healthy Children’s Initiative (HCI) is designed to give uninsured children the complete medical and dental care they need to flourish and grow during their first years of life.

Designed to significantly increase the health and well-being of at-risk children in Santa Fe County, the program funds comprehensive medical and dental for expectant mothers and children from conception through early childhood. Among the services covered through the Healthy Children’s Initiative are:

  • Prenatal care and education
  • Dental care for expectant mother
  • Follow-up after delivery
  • Well child medical visits
  • Immunizations
  • Children’s dental program
  • Car Safety Seat Program

The Healthy Children’s Initiative is made possible through generous contributions from individuals, companies and organizations and matching grants from the Carl C. Anderson and Marie Jo Anderson Foundation.

Each year, the number of uninsured expectant mothers and children needing financial help outstrips the amount of HCI funds available. Please consider making a donation to HCI,(insert donate link)