Chief Medical Officer

Wendy Johnson MD, MPH

Medical Services

La Familia Medical Center provides full-service, primary medical care to all its patients. In addition to care in our up-to-date outpatient facilities, we provide 24-hour emergency on-call coverage and manage our pediatric and obstetrical patients in the hospital.

We are a family medicine based organization.  We focus on complete health care for the entire family.  Family medicine providers are trained in all areas of medicine, including: obstetrics, pediatrics, teen and adult care, women’s health, and mental health. We provide patient centered comprehensive health care supported by a team of specialists including obstetrics, nurses, laboratory technicians, case managers, counselors, health educators and administrative staff.

Our physicians are certified by the American Board of Family Medicine or the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Our team also includes Certified Family Nurse Practitioners and Certified Physician Assistants.

In collaboration with the New Mexico Department of Health, Title X, we provide some services at minimal or no cost to the patient.

1. Birth Control
2. Women’s Health
3. Teen Clinic
4. STD Testing