Anchorum Health Foundation Awards First Capacity Building Grant to La Familia Health

Santa Fe, New Mexico (March 14, 2024) – Anchorum Health Foundation has awarded its first capacity building grant to La Familia Health to strengthen the organization’s financial and operational infrastructure. The $407,000 Capacity Building grant is a launch pad that will take La Familia to the next level and stabilize operations.

In October 2023, La Familia Health experienced a financial crisis which resulted in a reduction in staff, pay cuts, and a hiring freeze. The grant will fund both an external assessment of La Familia’s financial operations and implementation of the report’s findings to prevent future fiscal instability.

“We are grateful to the Board of La Familia Health for the trusted partnership we have had with them for many years. Over the last 90 days, we have had strong engagement to review the underlying systems in their clinic operations. This grant will help La Familia fully manage their revenue cycle moving forward, as well as add two key positions for operations and financial compliance, which we believe are essential to supporting La Familia’s relaunch on a successful path forward,” said Jerry Jones, President & CEO of Anchorum Health Foundation.

Dr. Frantz Melio, Vice-President of Health Strategies at Anchorum St. Vincent, said, “La Familia is clearly an important component of the health care delivery system in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. Their providers care for patients both in and out of the hospital. As an FQHC, La Familia provides vital health care services to underserved populations.”

La Familia Health Chief Executive Officer, Brandy Van Pelt-Ramirez, said, “We are grateful for Anchorum’s commitment and support of La Familia and our recovery plan. Our shared goal is the organization’s long-term financial stability and expanded services to our clients,” She added, “This investment will benefit the entire Santa Fe community.”