Behavioral Health Services

La Familia Medical Center recognizes that the "whole person" seeks treatment and care when a patient arrives at any one of our three medical clinics.  Accordingly, a program of integrated behavioral health care and primary medical care is at the core of La Familia's treatment model.


"Behavioral Health Care" refers to mental health, substance abuse and counseling services.  Behavioral Health (or brain health) is as important to a person's overall well-being as heart health or kidney health. Our behavioral health staff offer a personable and friendly approach for assessment needs, referrals, treatment and follow-up care.  Counseling is offered to adults, children, couples and families; group therapy is also available. 


The integration of behavioral health care with primary care is at the forefront of medical training and practice.  Family Medicine residents, psychiatry residents, and other graduate interns come to LFMC for experience and training in this integrated approach.


Behavioral Health welcomes any La Familia patient to contact us for more information about our program and services.