Diana Pacheco

Board Member

“I am involved with La Familia because I believe in giving back to our community. LFMC is an important and essential part of our community. As a teacher, counselor, and administrator, I gave witness to the excellent services that LFMC provided to the school community’s families. As a board member, it gives me the opportunity to help and support this organization to reach excellence.

La Familia is important to Santa Fe Community because it provides an extensive and comprehensive array of services, including dental, physical health, mental health, pharmaceutical and education. It is the only place in the community that provides this array of services regardless of an individual’s ability to pay. LFMC provides services that contribute to a healthier Santa Fe Community and a healthier Santa Fe is a happier Santa Fe.”

Diana Pacheco has a Masters in Public Administration. She is a certified teacher and a retired Licensed Independent Social Worker.