Whether it is cheerfully welcoming patients, assisting patients with young children, doing data entry or helping with special events, La Familia volunteers can make an important contribution in the patient experience and in outreach programs and fundraising efforts.

Community Outreach Volunteer
La Familia is coordinating a community-wide program aimed at reducing barriers to health care and increasing access to healthy food and opportunities for physical exercise. There are variety of volunteer jobs including working to maintain a community garden, assisting in various health education projects or working in your own community on various health-related projects.

Office Volunteer
La Familia is also looking for volunteers who have expertise or skills in web design, graphic design, administration, public relations/communications and general office. Bilingual is preferred. Some experience in health care or health education would be a plus.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please call Jasmin Holmstrup at (505) 955-0302 or email her at jholmstrup@lfmctr.org to set up a time to talk.